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Resources Development

From: Lianyungang Updated: 2018-12-16

The total coastline of Lianyungang is 205km. Along the coastal deep water and around the integrated port, there are1,500 sq.km of land available for development, of which, 300 sq.km of salt panare owned by the State for industrial purposes. There are 143 small, medium orlarge-sized reservoirs with total volume up to 1.632 billion cubic meters, ofwhich, the Shilianghe Reservoir is the biggest man-made reservoir in JiangsuProvince.

Lianyungang is an important producer ofagricultural and its sideline products including grain, cotton, edible oil,fruits and vegetables. Cloud-fog Tea is one of the three famous tea brands inJiangsu Province. The Qiansandao Island is the only producer of preciousseafood in Jiangsu Province. There are more than 40 mineral resources, ofwhich, the silicon resource ranks the first nationwide with its quality andoutput.

Lianyungang is an important energy base inEast China. It has Tianwan Nuclear Power Plant and Xinhai Thermal Power Plant.There are 146 transformer substations at no less than 35 kilovolts, with thepower generation capacity up to 4.24 million kilowatts.