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Strategic Position

From: Lianyungang Updated: 2018-12-16

Facing Japan and Republic of Korea acrossthe sea in the east, Liangyungang City connects the Land Bridge economic beltin the west and links the Yangtze River economic circle in the south and ShandongPeninsula city clusters in the north. It is the meeting area of China’s coastaleconomic belt and the Longhai Lanxin industrial belt. 

As the eastern terminus of the New EurasiaLand Bridge, one of the first coastal cities opening to the outside world inChina and the National Demonstration Area for the Cooperation among China’sEastern, Central and Western Regions, Lianyungang plays an important role inthe allocation of China’s productive forces.

Over the years, Lianyungang has takenactive measures to seize the important opportunities, including “One Belt andOne Road” initiative and the coastal Jiangsu development strategy, held thefl ag of ‘One Belt and One Road’, sized the chance and prepared the materials for ‘One Belt andOne Road’. They have made great efforts in constructing the big traffic,promoting the great opening, developing the great industry, promoting the big promotionof urban construction, do much work in realizing the big development, undertaketo promote the integration development of the port city, maintain the goodstatus of the economic and social development and leaping development, createthe international seaport central city, which is innovative, opening-up,livable, green and low-carbon, so as to dedicate the strength of Lianyungangfor constructing comprehensively new opening-up pattern.