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Comprehensive Transportation Network

From: Lianyungang Updated: 2018-12-16

Lianyungang is the intersection of ‘OneBelt and One Road’ and the national comprehensive transportation hub. It hasinitially constructed more complete comprehensive transportation system ofhighway,railway, waterway and air transportation. As a national port terminaland a primary container port, Lianyungang Port has established relations withthe ports of over 160 countries and regions. It is the most convenient seaportfor regions along the New Eurasia Land Bridge and a shared sea transportationbase for the member states of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

Over 80 years of development, LianyungangPort has been enlarged with 4 major port areas, including Lianyun, Ganyu,Xuwei, and Guanhe. A 300,000-ton channel has been dredged. It has 70 productiveberths with a handling capacity of up to 10,000 tons, including the 6thgeneration container terminals and an ore terminal with a handling capacity of300,000 tons. The overall capacity reached 160 million tons.

It has the highway network of ‘two profilesand one section’ -- G30 (Lianyungang-Khorgos), G15 (Shenyang–Haikou) and G25(Changchun–Shenzhen), 5 national roads and 9 provincial roads., which hasformed a trunk road network featuring “four north-south roads, five east-westroads”.

There are 83 inland river waterwaysthroughout Lianyungang, 13 inland waterway ports and 129 productive berths. Thetrunk waterway network, which is comprised mainly by Shugang Waterway and YanheWaterway, is quickly improved. This has realized that 1000-ton ship candirectly sail into the Grand Canal from Beijing to Hangzhou.