Hotels and Restaurants

Lianyungang has 44 star hotels, including two 5-star hotels and seven 4-star hotels. A number of large hotels including Huaguoshan Hotel and Haizhouwan Conference Center are in orderly operation.

List of Major Hotels & Restaurants of Lianyungang

Name Tel Add

Huaguoshan Hotel 0518-81089999

No. 98, Huaguoshan Avenue, Lianyungang.

Haizhouwan Conference Center 0518-81398888

No. 8, Haizhouwan, Lianyun.

Good Fortune Hot Spring Hotel 0518-87882888

No. 6, Tanggu Road, Donghai Hot Spring Resort.

Guoxin Grand Trustel Yuntai Hotel 0518-85689999

No. 27, Cangwu Road, Haizhou, Lianyungang.

Trustel Shenzhou Hotel 0518-82310088

No. 215, North Haitang Road, Lianyun.

Riviera International Hotel 0518-85429999

No. 188, North Haitang Road, Lianyun.

Jiulong International Hotel 0518-85686888

No. 11, Middle Jiefang Road, Haihzou.

Xiangxie’er International Hotel 0518-82235888

No. 36, Middle Haitang Road, Lianyun.

Dongyuan International Hotel 0518-88996666

No. 8, South Xiyuan Road, Guanyun.

Jinxiu International Hotel 0518-87779999

No. 1, South Yingbin Avenue, Donghai.

Jinyuan Hotel 0518-86666666

No. 18, Shengshi Road, Ganyu New City.