Examination Approval Procedures

Guide for Companies to Submit Documents for “Three-in-One” Integrated Company Registration

From: Updated: 2016-12-16

“Three-in-One”integrated company registration refers to integrating the business license, the certificate of taxation registration, and the certificate of organization codes into one certificate and three numbers will be labeled on the certificate.

Applicant shall submit the following documents when registering a company:

I. Application Form for “Three-in-One” Integrated Company Registration, Application Form for Small- and Micro-Sized Enterprises Identification.

II. Articles of Association signed by all shareholders.

III. Subject qualification certificate (registration certificate or others) or copies of the ID cards of natural persons (in case that the legal person is a shareholder, the copies of enterprise legal person code certificate and tax registration certificate shall be provided).

IV. Appointment letters for board directors, supervisors and managers (appointment procedures shall be regulated by articles of association; shareholders resolution shall be signed by shareholders; resolution of Board of Directors shall be signed by board directors).

V. Original ID card of legal person, appointment letter for legal person (shareholders resolution shall be signed by shareholders; resolution of Board of Directors shall be signed by board directors).

VI. Board Directors, Supervisors and Managers Information Form.

VII. Copy of ID card of the person in charge of finance.

VIII. Certificate of Using Domicile. (In case self-owned domicile is used, a copy of non-residential property ownership certificate shall be submitted; in case rented domicile is used, a copy of property rent agreement and a non-residential property ownership certificate of the owners shall be submitted. In case there are no non-residential property ownership certificates, substitutes will be accepted, which means certificates for domicile that can be used for enterprises operation issued by real estate administrations, neighborhood committees, village committees or their higher authorities, management committees of parks and zones.)

VIIII. Notice on Pre-approval of the Name of Enterprises


I. In case the establishment of a company should apply for approval, a copy of the approval documents or approval certificates shall be submitted.

II. In case the applied business scope should be examined in advance, a copy of the approval documents, approval certificates, or approval papers shall be submitted (the original documents shall be verified on the spot).