Lianyungang Ushers in New Era of "Cloud Trading" of State-owned Property Rights

Recently, the first cloud trading platform of state-owned property rights jointly built by our city and Alibaba Auction has been officially launched, and the first projects traded by bidding have appeared on the cloud platform to recruit bidders from the whole society. With the completion of the second and the third floors of the rehabilitation center for the disabled and the second floor of the restaurant of Lianyungang Open University, the transaction of property rights in our city has officially entered a new era of "cloud trading" on the whole process line. This is a powerful measure for our city to use the "Internet" thinking, actively introduce government-enterprise cooperation, and create the whole process of online digital transaction of state-owned assets.

The trading means are standardized, and the whole process is open, transparent and marked. Relying on the municipal public resources trading electronic service platform, our city's property rights trading cloud platform has opened up all online links such as project listing, information release, acceptance of registration, online bidding, transaction announcement and etc. The whole transaction process is open online and gathered real-time data to the public service platform, which is inspected by the whole society and leaves traceable electronic files, so as to realize the transparent and sunny operation of the whole transaction process.

The transaction cost is low and the burden of bidders is reduced. In the traditional offline transaction, bidders need to prepare a large number of paper materials and travel back and forth between the company and the trading site for many times, resulting in high cost of personnel and materials. The new platform adopts online transaction mode in the whole process, and all bidders can complete the whole transaction process only in front of the computer or even on the mobile phone, which saves bidders the rigid costs of personnel, transportation and accommodation.

The transaction process is networked to maximize the value maintenance and appreciation. Potential bidders can get the information of current trading projects in our city in various ways, such as via the municipal public resources trading platform, the information release platform of the Municipal Property Exchange Co., Ltd., the asset trading channel of Alibaba Auction, and "Lianyungang Public Assets" of Taobao Ali Auction channel to participate in the project transaction, maximize the breadth and accuracy of transaction information disclosure, and deliver the project information to all potential investors as soon as possible. Thus, more potential investors will have the opportunity to participate in the project transfer so as to improve the transaction rate and bidding rate of listed projects and realize the value maintenance and appreciation of assets.

It is worth mentioning that the online trading realizes professional services and provides 24-hour online guidance. Relying on the online service and professional operation ability of Alibaba Auction, the online trading platform has offered 365 days’ telephone service and 24-hour online guidance. Bidders can get instant and thoughtful solutions to any questions about the transaction.