China’s First Pure Electric Tugboat Started Construction at Lianyungang Port

In the morning of October 22, the first pure electric port tugboat in China was officially started construction at berth No. 55 of Hongyun Industrial Shipbuilding Base at Lianyungang Port, marking a new page of port shipbuilding industry. This is also an important measure to build a benchmark for the tugboat industry and lead the green development of the industry.  

It is reported that the electric tugboat is 36 meters in length, 10 meters in width, 4.5 meters in depth, and 3.5 meters in draft. The speed is not less than 13 knots, and the working time is not less than 8 hours. The total power consumption is designed to be 5000 kwh which is equal to the effect of 4000 horsepower of a conventional tugboat.  

This is the sixth high-power tugboat independently built by the port in the past three years. It is also the first pure electric tugboat in China. It is a new energy project actively encouraged by the state and local governments, which will generate a certain innovation and demonstration effect in ship technology and crew manning. Compared with the conventional tugboat, the pure electric tugboat uses lithium iron phosphate power battery pack to replace the conventional diesel engine set as the main propulsion power. It can be fast charged by the high-voltage shore power technology initiated by Lianyungang Port in 2 hours. Each ship can reduce about 900 tons of carbon oxide and 12 tons of sulfide every year, equivalent to the emission reduction of more than 300 cars, which is of great environmental benefits.  

After years of argumentation and preparation, the first pure electric tugboat project in China has been ready for construction. The commencement of the project will have a significant and far-reaching impact on Lianyungang Port to speed up the construction of green port and strive for a first-class port. The electric tugboat is expected to be completed and put into operation in the first half of 2021, which is mainly used for berthing operation in the main port area of Lianyungang. By then, it can not only alleviate the tension in the use of port tugs, but also seize the opportunities of shipbuilding transformation and upgrading and industrial development to create "quality ship, green ship and intelligent ship", polish the shipbuilding brand of Lianyungang Port, save energy and emission for domestic ports to take the lead by making positive demonstration.