Pharmaceutical Enterprises in Lianyungang Accelerate Internationalization

From: Lianyungang Daily Updated: 2023-05-17 11:34

Hengrui's 56 studies were selected by the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO), and Hansoh Pharmaceutical's 5 researches like Almonertinib Mesilate Tablets were selected for the 2023 European Lung Cancer Conference... In recent days, pharmaceutical companies in our city have frequently brought good news - several innovative drug researches have become "hot cake" at the international academic annual conference. “The International Academic Annual Meeting is considered an achievement exhibition of innovative achievements,” said Zhou, Deputy Director of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau

Since the beginning of this year, the approved new drugs or those under development of pharmaceutical enterprises in our city have frequently received attention from the international clinical medicine community. Taking the ASCO Annual Conference as an example, as the world's largest international conference in the field of cancer treatment, Hengrui has released clinical results of several drugs at the conference, including approved injection based carbirizumab, apatinib mesylate tablets, pyrrolitinib maleate tablets, darcilib hydroxyethyl sulfonate tablets and adelbilimab, as well as three unlisted innovative products: multi target receptor tyrosine kinase inhibitor Famitinib, anti PD-L1/TGF- β RII dual antibody SHR-1701, histone methyltransferase EZH2 inhibitor SHR2554; the research achievements cover more than ten tumor treatment fields, including digestive system tumors, breast cancer, lung cancer, gynecological tumors, urinary tumors, melanoma, head and neck tumors, osteosarcoma, nasopharyngeal cancer and blood tumors. Hengrui Pharmaceutical has long adhered to the mission of 'technology first, creating a healthy life for humanity', focusing on the development of high-quality innovative drugs, including anti-tumor drugs. "The head of research and development of Hengrui Pharmaceutical introduced that at this ASCO annual meeting, Hengrui successfully selected a large number of independently developed product related research, demonstrating Hengrui Pharmaceutical's strong anti-tumor drug research and development capabilities and also allowing the international oncology community to see more Chinese strengths.

With the attention of the International Academic Annual Conference, the pace of going global for our city's pharmaceutical enterprises is also constantly accelerating. In April, Hansoh Pharmaceutical released its 2022 annual report, with a revenue of approximately RMB 9.382 billion in 2022, including innovative drug revenue of approximately RMB 5.006 billion, accounting for 53.4% of the total revenue, marking Hansoh Pharmaceutical's successful transformation into an innovation driven pharmaceutical enterprise. What is more anticipated is that its overseas partner EQRx has submitted and accepted the marketing applications of Ametinib to the UK and the European Medicines Administration, respectively. The drug is expected to be approved for marketing in 2023, marking the beginning of our city's journey towards innovative drugs. Zhang, Director of the High-tech Department of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, believes, "With the implementation of overseas multicenter clinical trials by pharmaceutical enterprises in our city, we will become a strong force for Chinese medicine to go global. At the same time, with the continuous acceleration of the internationalization process of research and development achievements by pharmaceutical enterprises in our city, the overseas market of Lianyungang’s pharmaceutical enterprises will also further open up, becoming a new growth point for industry development.