Lianyungang Wins National Civilized City Title

On November 10, China civilization website released “The List of 6th National Civilized Cities Selected by the Central Civilization Office and the List of the First Five National Civilized Cities Confirmed to Retain the Honorary Titles”. Among them, Lianyungang City was selected with the total score of No.12 among 113 prefecture level cities. It is reported that Lianyungang City is a prefecture level city in the province after Taizhou City and Suqian City, which has been selected as a national civilized city only by its first endeavor.

“The National Civilized City" is a comprehensive honorary title reflecting a city’s overall level of civilization because of its high value and difficulty in construction. It is reported that the scope of investigation on the building of a civilized city covers every field, including a good economic and social development environment, a clean and efficient administrative environment, a fair and just legal environment, a market environment of integrity and law-abiding, a healthy and upward humanistic environment, a social and cultural environment conducive to the healthy growth of young people, a comfortable and convenient living environment, a safe and stable social environment, a sustainable development of ecological environment and etc. Each indicator is closely related to people's lives.

It is reported that in recent years, focusing on the theme of "high-quality and leapfrog development" and the overall requirements of "construction for high-quality development, urban progress and people's happiness", Lianyungang has taken the building of a national civilized city as the starting point and business card of "cohesive strength and external image". According to the "timetable" of breakthrough in 2018, reaching standard in 2019, and rushing to meet the deadlines in 2020, our city has vigorously, orderly and effectively promoted the establishment of scientific, institutionalized and long-term work, so as to successfully build a national civilized city in 2020.