Opening of Lianyungang Book Counter at Jiangbul Library of Kazakhstan

From: Lianyungang Daily Updated: 2023-05-11 11:36

Recently, the unveiling ceremony of Lianyungang Book Counter at Jiangbul Library of Almaty, Kazakhstan was held. It is reported that after the establishment of a book counter in Akakiye Cai Rui Thali Batumi Public Library in Georgia, the local cultural and tourism books of Lianyungang once again went abroad and set up a book counter at Jiangbul Library of Almaty, Kazakhstan under the "Belt and Road" Initiative.

The Lianyungang Book Counter of Jiangbul Library is one of the achievements of the cultural exchange and sharing project of libraries in various countries along the “Belt and Road”. The project was launched by the Municipal Library Society under the guidance and assistance of the Municipal Foreign Affairs Office and successfully selected as the "Small and Beautiful" foreign exchange project supported by the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office. It aims to give full play to the advantages of the library's cultural carrier, provide people across the Silk Road with extensive, accurate and fast knowledge learning resources and promote dialogue among different reading civilizations in the process of mutual learning.