Lianyungang Port First Opened Sea-River Intermodal Foreign Trade Route

On August 22, foreign trade containers with photovoltaic products and other goods were transferred through Lianyungang New Yuntai Inland River Terminal, directly connected to Lianyungang New Oriental Container Terminal and transported to Southeast Asia by "Yuanyao", marking the successful maiden voyage of Lianyungang sea-river intermodal foreign trade route.

In recent years, Lianyungang Port has opened inland river container routes radiating Jiangsu, Shandong, Henan and Anhui, and it realized the seamless connection between inland river and marine route network, continuously driving the development of port container domestic trade business. This year, COVID-19 epidemic affected the container transport of foreign trade, which caused foreign trade containers to stay in port, and the cost of foreign trade logistics was also increasing.

After knowing the customer's demand, Lianyungang Port, in accordance with the requirements of "learning from history and doing practical things for customers", takes advantage of the Port's multimodal transport advantages, actively connects Taicang Container Lines Company and effectively connects the existing inland routes of Shanghai Yuzhou Shipping Co., Ltd. with Southeast Asian foreign trade routes, which not only opens up a new channel for sea-river intermodal foreign trade containers, but also reduces the transportation cost for customers by more than 20%.