The First Batch of 58 Shared Urban Parks and Green Spaces in Our City Are Opened to the Public

From: Lianyungang Daily Updated: 2023-04-04 08:49

Camping, picnicking, flying kites and... It’s also the best season for the annual spring outing. Recently, the journalist learned from the Municipal Housing and Urban Development Bureau that in order to further expand the opening and sharing of new urban green spaces, our city had opened 58 shared urban park and green spaces to citizens, with a total area of approximately 230000 square meters, meeting the expectations of the public for getting close to nature, leisure, recreation, sports and fitness.

The opening list shows that 58 shared urban parks and green spaces include comprehensive parks, community parks, amusement parks, specialized parks and etc. The public areas include grasslands, understory spaces, fitness venues and etc. The selected list for Haizhou District includes Cangwu Green Park, Yuzhou Park, Xinpu Park and etc. The selected list for Lianyun District includes Beigushan Ecological Park, Zaihaiyifang Park and etc. In addition, there are also multiple urban parks and green spaces opened for sharing in Ganyu District, Donghai County, Guanyun County, and Guannan County. The selected lists contain all popular places for citizens to enjoy spring and play. The lawn areas, understory spaces or leisure squares of a certain size within the parks and green spaces are characterized with good ecology, beautiful scenery and relatively flat terrain, which are suitable for citizens' outdoor activities.

It’s reported that in February this year, our city has fully launched the pilot work of opening and sharing urban parks and green spaces in accordance with the notice from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Rural Development and Provincial Department of Housing and Urban Rural Development. The Municipal Housing and Construction Department carefully sorted out the idle land of urban parks and green spaces, lawn areas and understory spaces available for recreational activities, as well as the configuration of surrounding toilets, garbage collection points, sales points, safety monitoring and other service facilities. In this way, a list of 58 shared urban parks and green spaces were finally determined.