Lianyungang China-Europe Express first realized whole train shipment of single cargo

At about 5 a.m. on August 28, a China-Europe train loaded with high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar modules sounded from Sino-Kazakhstan logistics base in Lianyungang. Its destination is Duisburg, Germany. After arriving at the station, the products will be distributed to Germany, Netherlands and other European regions through highway distribution network.

It is known that all the PV product modules transported by this train are from enterprises in Jiangsu and Shandong with a total of 50 vehicles. This is the first time that "China (Lianyungang) - Germany (Duisburg)" of China-Europe Express has been shipped in a whole train with a single cargo type since it was launched in 2015. So far, following the launch of the Polish train on the 25th of this month, two European trains have been sent continuously within four days, setting a new record for the shipment of China-Europe trains in Lianyungang. At the same time, the "North-South double line" from Lianyungang to Turkey, Germany and Poland has fulfilled the whole train transportation, which plays an important role in further improving the transportation function of the north line of China-Europe Express in Lianyungang.

In recent years, “Belt and Road” cooperation has been accelerated in Lianyungang. The scale of transportation has been formed by enlarging the "dual hub" advantages of the Sino-Kazakhstan logistics. It has formed an express transport pattern covering five Central Asian countries, Mongolia, Western Asia (Azerbaijan, Georgia), Europe (Turkey, Germany and Poland) and developed ferroalloy, potash fertilizer, wheat and other crops. The supply of special trains such as automobiles not only actively promotes the domestic and international double cycle, but also helps domestic enterprises move towards the international market.

"Compared with the previous 45 days for transportation to Europe by sea, the railway operation only takes about 15 days. In the case of rising sea freight, the advantages of railway are highlighted." The manager of the Operation Department of Lianyungang New Silk Road International Container Development Co., Ltd. said that this year, they took the initiative to meet the needs of customers and actively coordinated with relevant units such as customs, railways and ports, which finally contributed to this single business. In the future, such products are expected to accomplish normal shipment in Lianyungang.

Since the opening of the train in 2015, Lianyungang China-Europe Express has broken through the record of 4000. Its stable operation situation, especially the continuous whole train shipment, is conducive to consolidating the starting point of Lianyungang continental bridge corridor, further amplifying the effect of Sino-Kazakhstan logistics cooperation, and promoting the interconnection and cooperation between China and Eurasian countries in the fields of transportation, trade, investment and finance, which is of great significance.