First Batch of "Yunlong" Surface Cleaning and Floating Unmanned Ships Rolls off Production Line in Lianyungang City

Recently, the first batch of "Yunlong" surface cleaning and floating unmanned ships developed by Yunzhou Intelligence in Lianyun District successfully rolls off the production line in our city. It is reported that the successful offline of the first batch of "Yunlong" surface cleaning and floating unmanned ships will effectively solve the difficulty of surface garbage cleaning and provide a low-cost, safer and more efficient solution for daily sea surface cleaning. The intelligent process of water surface cleaning has taken a new step.

As we all know, the cleaning of water surface garbage is a severe challenge in the world. How to clean up floating garbage on the water surface has always been one of the problems perplexing cities and relevant departments or units. The traditional manual fishing mode is not only characterized by high labor intensity, long time and low efficiency, but also has high labor cost and certain safety risks. At the same time, the traditional salvage ship has simple equipment, which only provides a carrier for salvage work. In addition, the manned ship has deep draft and great environmental limitations.

Founded in 2010, Yunzhou Intelligence is a high-tech enterprise focusing on the R & D, production, sales and provision of industrial solutions for unmanned boats. Since it was settled in Lianyun District in 2018, the unmanned ship project has received strong support from both Lianyungang Municipal Government and Lianyun District Government. It is reported that Qingdao Ruilong, which participated in the research and development of unmanned ships this time, has more than 20 years of shipbuilding experience and focuses on the R & D and manufacturing of environmental protection equipment and dredging equipment in small and medium-sized waters. Combined with the advantages of both sides, "Yunlong" water surface cleaning unmanned ship developed and launched can collect and clean the garbage on the water surface independently in the target waters of rivers, reservoirs, lakes, scenic spots and other environments, realize the collection mode of separation of people and ships, eliminate the potential hazards caused by manual collection, and has the advantages of high automation, simple and reliable operation, complete garbage collection, high work efficiency, wide fishing area and other advantages.

Moreover, after Yunzhou Intelligence settled in our city, it established an unmanned boat R & D and test base with Lianyungang's unique port, coastline and sea resources. At the same time, it will cooperate with the marine intelligent equipment branch of China Pacific Society, Jiangsu Ocean University and other scientific research institutes to prepare to build an innovation and entrepreneurship Incubation Platform and build a marine engineering service center. In order to promote the marine science popularization education of teenagers in our city, the enterprise also organized the Youth University Science Camp and the unmanned ship public welfare class in conjunction with the Municipal Science and Technology Association, the Municipal Bureau of Education and Jiangsu Ocean University.