Pilot Free Trade Zone of Lianyungang has got 91 institutional innovation achievements

On August 30, the journalist learned from the press conference of Pilot Free Trade Zone in Lianyungang Area of China (Jiangsu) that since it was approved in August 2019, Lianyungang Area of the Pilot Free Trade Zone has focused on three major functions, with institutional innovation as the core, replicability and popularization as the basic requirements, risk prevention as the bottom line, through bold trial, bold breakthrough and independent reform, 91 institutional innovation achievements with Lianyungang characteristics have been fulfilled. “Innovative multimodal transport collaborative supervision service system” was selected into the top ten system innovation cases of the Yangtze River Delta Pilot Free Trade Zone graded the third place by experts. Among the 32 reform pilot experiences and 40 innovation practice cases replicated and promoted in the first and second batches of the province, achievements of our city were selected and ranked 10 and 12 respectively.

In terms of actively serving the nation, our city explored the "direct collection of ships and vehicles" without waiting for international trains and containers, advanced the procedures of tally, customs, railway and other links, and the containers are always "no landing" from ship to vehicle. The transit operation time and single container transit cost were reduced by 75% and 60% respectively compared with the previous ones. It pioneered the mixed container mode of "bonded + export" for China-EU trains. We will promote the integrated customs clearance of "no separation of vehicles and goods" in land and sea intermodal transport between China and South Korea. By building a land sea intermodal data exchange channel, Lianyungang Port has become the only port where China's railway provides comprehensive data exchange and Kazakhstan's railway allows real-time query. We also develop an international train effectiveness analysis system to accurately "portrait" the effectiveness data of train operation. Many businesses such as “railway document review” and “port booking” have been “handling online”.

In terms of accelerating the transformation of government functions, our city took the lead in carrying out the reform of the registration and ation system of commercial subjects, implemented the "joint handling of certificates and licenses", and "multi certificate integration" of 19 kinds of certificates and 25 approval items. The first public service mode of "Internet plus labor compensation" was first established. It is the first time in China that the damaged marine ecological environment was restored by labor compensation. We create a new mechanism for multiple dispute resolution of labor and capital contradictions, and establish the country's first municipal nonlitigation human resources and social security sub center. We will promote the "refund-first and verification next" system of export tax rebates for foreign trade export enterprises. And we will create an innovative service brand of "overseas talent introduction" and promote the innovation of management mechanism and system for foreigners to work in China.

With the respect to deepening the reform in the field of investment, our city took the lead in passing the "government credit enhancement, professional agency and remote authentication" to realize the bank account opening of newly registered enterprises in different places without meeting for approval. We will promote the source control of "double contracts" for the efficient use of land for industrial projects, and "double clearing" for the efficient use of land resources, innovate the application of electronic guarantee of bid security and organize the pilot work of electronic guarantee in the construction industry at the same time. The construction of general construction projects shall be "free of license", and the qualified construction projects may not go through the construction license procedures, so as to speed up the construction progress.

In terms of promoting trade transformation and upgrading, focusing on non-ferrous minerals, grain and other advantageous goods, our city has carried out the "double filing + double access" of bonded copper concentrate, piloted new business forms such as ship to ship import of grain, water to water inspection and unloading, loading and leaving and promoted the "non-contact" weighing of bulk cargo. We establish the "1 + 4" joint inspection mechanism for dangerous goods on board and establish the first domestic maritime customs Joint Inspection Center for dangerous goods, so as to effectively improve the accuracy and intensity of cracking down on concealment. The city creates a new mode of "one-stop" supervision service for multimodal transport and realizes 100% electronic and one-stop handling of arrival declaration, customs declaration and release. We also give full play to the special customs supervision function of the comprehensive bonded zone, try out the customs clearance of "scattered in and out" of electromechanical equipment, and "label free" of specific imported prepackaged food raw materials.

In promoting innovation driven development, our city independently develops Blaupunkt's freight trading platform to realize "Internet plus" road capacity trading, providing "door-to-door" package solutions and logistics services for shippers. We develop "ganghangtong", create a characteristic "single window" of international trade, increase the service application of "single window" of ports, shipping companies and relevant enterprises, and enrich the function of "single window" in the whole logistics chain. Our city also establish an online trading platform for second-hand containers, release the price index of second-hand containers exclusively in China, standardize second-hand container transactions, improve the utilization rate of second-hand containers, establish a party building alliance for the new pharmaceutical industry, lead the development of the new pharmaceutical industry with Party building innovation and accelerate the rise of Pharmaceutical Port of China.

In deepening the opening-up and innovation in the financial field, the city innovated the dual business integration mode of RMB and foreign exchange derivatives trading of foreign exchange NRA account (domestic foreign exchange account of overseas institutions) and provided foreign exchange NRA account RMB and foreign exchange derivatives trading services for overseas enterprises. We will promote the "export credit insurance plus" financing model and effectively solve the problems of financing and mortgage for trade enterprises. We also implement the practice mode of fee reduction and point spread profit transfer, and give preferential treatment to the handling fees of domestic foreign currency remittance and cross-border foreign currency remittance of enterprises in the area. We will optimize the access and change links of financial enterprises with low risk and in line with the key development direction and further relax the access restrictions of financial enterprises.