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Lianyungang is a comprehensive traffic hub planned by the country. It has initially established a passenger service network integrating the roads, railroads, airport and waterways, which is highly efficient, fast and convenient, and leads to all directions.

Direct Flights from Lianyungang to Other Cities

Civil aviation booking hotline:

Add: No. 48, West Chaoyang Road, Haizhou.

Train information hotline:

Add: No. 18, East Renmin Road, Haizhou.

Road passenger booking hotline:

Add: (General Bus Station) No. 19, Renmin Road, Haizhou.

(Suxin Rapid Bus Station) No. 26, Yingzhou Road, Haizhou.

Sino-South Korea passenger liner booking hotline:

Add: No. 129, Zhongshan Road, Lianyun.