Location and Divisions

Located in the middle part of China’scoastline and in northeastern Jiangsu Province, Lianyungang City hasjurisdiction over 6 county-level divisions, including 3 counties of Donghai,Guanyun and Guannan, and 3 districts of Ganyu, Haizhou, and Lianyun. Inaddition, there are Lianyungang Economic & Technological Development Area,Lianyungang High-Tech Industrial Development Zone, one National DemonstrationArea for the Cooperation among China’s Eastern, Central and Western Regions,and one National Park of Haishang Yuntaishan Mountain. It covers a land area of7,615 sq.km and a sea area of 6,677 sq.km. It has a household population of5.34 million, and the population of permanent residents in the urban area is2.23 million.